Vibeke Halkjær-Knudsen, Director of Environmental Health and Safety Department, Statens Serum Institut

“One of the great Danish businessmen lives by the motto: “Med rettidig omhu”. If one day I will be hit by an unforeseeable and unplanned incident while travelling, there’s little chance that I will be amongst the ones in distress, more likely I will be in the zone of control. That is what Tanya’s teaching is about: Rettidig omhu.”

Toni Heisterberg, Chairwoman, European Professional Women’s Network -DK

“It is always great to go to an event or course and be totally inspired, not just by the topic but also by the presenter. Tanya is one of those dynamic personalities who is totally passionate about her field and who can engage her audience one hundred percent. She has really made me step back and think more about how to be pro-active with regards to my own safety and be more responsible for how I react to my environment and towards my belongings.”

Erik Johnson, Emergency Coordinator, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp

“TrainingSolutions security sessions are some of the best around. The trainer, Tanya, had a dynamic and very participatory style that truly engages the participants in the material, while also raising your personal awareness of potential risks and threats, and how to minimize your exposure to them.”

Henriette Freris, Project Chef, Intl Dept, Håndværksrådet

“This course should be compulsory for everybody working in the 3rd world – even only for short visits and even if they have already traveled to these places for years. Being world trotters we were sceptical about what more we could learn but only realized how useful it was after having tried it.
It is a brilliant eye opener which alerts your senses in dangerous situations and actually makes you much more relaxed so that you can work and enjoy. ”

Yvette Espersen, Vordingborg’s Municpality Board (DF) & Owner of Applefarm Graphics

“The workshop is an eye-opener. It stores in the back of the mind the preventive measures to save yourself, your property, & even others around you in moments of danger.”

Siri Elverland, Communication Officer, Norwegian Refugee Council

“The workshop was really good because first it gave us an overview of security & then gave practical tools of how to use that knowledge.”