Security Consultation

Can your company do more to protect its’ greatest assets?

Gain a strategic advantage with TrainingSolutions consultations that focus on establishing and maintaining appropriate policies and procedures to protect your company’s personnel, assets, and brand. The end-result is advice that helps your company manage risks in the global market.

TrainingSolutions can outline the options available to your company based on such considerations as:

  • Budget, timing, training needs, risk factors, corporate social responsibility projects and strategic goals.

TrainingSolutions’ security consultations are focused on your company:

  • Your company’s security practice, procedures, policies and strategic goals
  • Countries & culture
  • User-focused & needs-based

Our consultations include:

  • Writing crisis management plans
  • Conducting learning needs assessment
  • Developing learning aids
  • Doing security surveys

Does your company have other security needs? Contact TrainingSolutions so that we can create a customized solution for your company.

Our security consultations can also be combined with our personal security workshops that focus on practical skills and knowledge.

  • Managing risks
  • Maintaining situational awareness
  • Preventing security incidents
  • Behaving & reacting to crisis

Can your company do more to protect its’ greatest assets? Can it afford not to?

New markets represent new opportunities, but with opportunities come risks.