Security Training

The world has changed: Is your company’s security thinking following suit?

In Poland, does your company use vehicles which attract carjackers? The right choice can improve your staff’s security. In Latin America, criminals are more interested in kidnapping than in stealing a car. Would your staff be an easy target, or would they have taken the right precautions?

Food and culture vary from place to place – and so do the security risks. Are your staff ready for the realities of their next destination? Whose responsibility is it to insure that your staff are properly prepared: theirs or the company’s?

For companies who need their staff to take full advantage of the global market, TrainingSolutions offers personal security workshops. Send your staff either to an in-house workshop focusing only on your company or our open courses.

What will your staff learn?

Send your staff to a TrainingSolutions workshop so they learn to:

  • Be realistically prepared
  • Be better positioned to avoid security incidents
  • Become familiar with their responses and learn how to react during crises
  • Use their intercultural skills to enhance their security
  • Learn security concepts they can use
  • Build on their experiences to further their skills
  • Utilize conflict-reducing behavior to handle threatening situations
  • Be a well-informed traveler
  • Be competent and confident in their security

If your staff learnt these things, could that help relieve the pressure they have from their families not to travel to certain destinations? What advantages could it have for your company that your staff can better to concentrate on the job?

How is the workshop customized to your staff’s needs?

TrainingSolutions specializes in creating realistic scenarios of situations that your staff might face. Scenario thinking gives your staff the scope to explore alternatives and test preventative techniques.

Choose a course that matches your staff’s travel realities:

  • Aware Traveler is for occasional and frequent business travelers. The modules will cover common threats, highlight country examples, and identify emerging trends.
  • Secure Traveler is for business travelers who live or work in risky countries such as Pakistan, Nigeria, Mexico, Indonesia or wherever they face these threats. The modules will focus on emerging trends, illustrate with country examples, and give advice on reducing vulnerabilities.
  • World Traveler is for business travelers who need to be prepared for all eventualities.

Feel and be safer abroad: Could that something for your staff? Sending a family abroad and want to reduce the financial risks? Have a team of staff who need training? Contact TrainingSolutions for more information. Send your staff either to an in-house workshop focusing only on your company or our open courses.

What are your company’s special needs?

Does your company need to develop and train a Crisis Management Team for its Middle East operations? Could inter-cultural misunderstandings in India spill over and become security problems? Do you have a sales team who need training and advice for specific countries?

TrainingSolutions can design in-house workshops to suit your company’s needs. In-house services are ideal for companies who:

  • Want value for money
  • Want a strong selling point for new recruits and help in retaining quality staff
  • Invest in their staff’s future
  • Need a closed workshop to have more open discussions about sensitive matters
  • Call for a localized training
  • Know that a security incident can damage the company’s reputation and brand
  • Require a training program that integrates corporate policies, practices, and priorities

When your staff feel and are safer, then they can better concentrate on the job. Could that be beneficial to your company? Contact TrainingSolutions for more information.

Life is full of risks, but benefits come to those who know how to manage them.