Culture & Security Workshops

Whether going to Brazil or Bosnia, your staff need to be aware travelers who not only protect themselves but also their company’s other valuable assets and brand.

Equip your employees with culture and security concepts and skills they can use to increase their wellbeing and comfort during travels and expatriation.

Tanya Spencer and Lena Lauridsen have joined forces to offer relevant culture and security workshops to international companies. The interactive sessions cover actual cultural and security situations, highlight country examples, and identify emerging trends.

Your staff will learn how to:

• Use their cultural understanding to enhance their security

• Become familiar with their responses

• Learn how to react during crises

• Learn security concepts they can use

• Build on their experiences to enhance their travel skills

• Utilize conflict-reducing behavior to handle threatening situations

Your company can choose from the set-piece teaser (3 hours) on general travel awareness. Or, for special needs, you can select a customized workshop of half day to two-days on general travel and cultural awareness or with a regional focus.

For more information, see the culture and security workshop flyer.