“I do my job to the best of my abilities so that my participants can feel safer out in the world and do their jobs better.”

Tanya SpencerTanya Spencer

Director of TrainingSolutions
Global Travel Security & Crisis Management Specialist






Having traveled and worked in nearly 40 countries, I understand personal security from intercultural, inter-religious, and international perspectives. A short list of my extensive international experience includes:

  • War zones (Afghanistan, Sri Lanka);
  • Insurgencies (Algeria, Nepal);
  • High risks (Pakistan, Israel/ Palestine);
  • High criminality (Kenya, Mexico)

In a career spanning over 24 years , I have prepared Europeans to work in destinations from A-Z, literally Albania to Zimbabwe and most countries in between. I’ve trained the UN, governments, business people, journalists, aid workers, and rural people. I bring a world of experience back to Denmark.

To download an executive summary of  Tanya Spencer’s experience see TSpencer_ExecResume_v0212 .

Professional Memberships

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* Member of the Year, 2009

Tanya Spencer sits on the Board of ASIS Denmark (ASIS Intl is the world’s largest security network). In February 2010, she was voted as “Member of the Year, 2009″ for her dedicated work in promoting the network internationally. She is known both in Denmark and internationally as a skilled and engaging presenter.

John Arnoldus, chairman of ASIS Denmark, says:

Tanya Spencer modtog årets pris som “Årets Medlem, 2009″ – en pris som hun blev meddelt på baggrund af hendes store og engageret arbejde med at profilere ASIS Danmark både Nationalt og Internationalt med sine mange artikler på websiden og i ASIS EuroDynamics! Ved siden af dette arbejde, har Tanya også, som foredragsholder, deltaget i Montreux på ASIS European Security Conference tilbage i april 2009. Hun er både i Danmark og Internationalt kendt som en dygtig og god forelæser der anvender utraditionelle metoder til at bringe sine budskaber.


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