New markets represent new opportunities, but with opportunities come risks

TrainingSolutions offers personal security consultations and courses for individuals and companies who need to be prepared for the global market.

Can your company do more to protect its’ greatest assets? Can it afford not to?

A survey in August 2010 by International SOS and the Association of Corporate Travel Executives found that almost 60 percent answered that traveler safety and security is “most important to the firm,” but only 11 percent conduct travel safety training.*

  • From 2003 – 2008 kidnappings in Asia-Pacific have increased by 15% and 12% in Africa & Middle East, yet decreased by 23% in Latin America.*
  • A failed family relocation can cost a company 5 million DKK.*
  • 65% of business travelers do nothing to protect the confidential and sensitive data on their computers, yet 57% worry about their laptop being stolen.*

Is it time to optimize your travel security?

Experience the difference that managing travel risks can make for you, your staff and their families – and for your company’s global position and reputation.

TrainingSolutions offers specialized services in global travel security and crisis management. We provide customized personal security courses, consultations, and coaching for individuals and companies who work in the global market. We understand security from intercultural, inter-religious, and international perspectives. With our services tailored to your needs, you can manage travel risks and be prepared.

TrainingSolutions is the ticket to safer travels.

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